Mmmm CANDY!!!!

This one’s on the sweeter side of life because…

It’s finally Halloween.

A most joyous time of the year for the guy that loves candy but has a loving wife that does her best to keep me from bringing home the sweet stuff.

A time of year where I get to march the minions (child 1 and 2) out into the neighbourhood to gather as much fun and great tasting treats as possible. Where we get to put to the test another year’s worth of physical training in order to cover as much of the area as possible before it either gets too late or the height challenged little people get sore and tired.

Then the fun begins. Checking and sorting all the candy into 6 different piles. Yes that’s 6 piles.  6 different categories to be bagged and labelled for the purpose of ….?

Pile #1 is the apples and stuff that looks like it might have been tampered with. The garbage.

Pile #2 is the Coffee Crisp pile for my wife. Yes, as much as she tries to protect me from the harmful effects of sweet sweet candy, she too has a weakness. So all the Coffee Crisp chocolate bars go into one pile for her and her alone.

Pile #3 is chips/cheesies. Fun for all but kept out of reach from the little people.

Pile #4 is the crap nobody wants and goes in the bowl at the front door for the late door knockers that are probably too old to be trick or treating anyway. Enjoy Loogans.

Pile #5 is mine and will be combined with the excess that was bought for Halloween to begin with. I over buy every year on purpose.

Pile #6 is whatever is leftover. This pile will be split in two and given back to the minions.

Oh I know how this all sounds, and quite frankly I don’t care. Show me someone who says they don’t steal their kid’s Hallowe’en treats and I’ll show you someone who is full of shit.

I love Halloween. If I didn’t I would just buy the stuff I want and turn out the lights to enjoy my own candy in peace and quiet.

I truly enjoy the chaos in the neighbourhood with all the little people running around, in total disregard for their own safety. I will normally stand in the middle of the road while out with the kids. For 2 reasons. First, so I can see all the kids running around up and down the streets. The costumes, the decorated houses, the scary sounds, and all the laughter. The second reason for standing in the middle of the road is for safety reasons, believe it or not. I figure the guy driving that car might not see the little kid dressed all in black as Darth Vader, but he definitely will not miss the 6″3″  270lb man standing in the road.

Enjoy this evening.

Enjoy the smiles.

Enjoy the friendly parents.

And most of all…enjoy your kid’s candy.

What is your favorite candy to steal from the kids? Do you offer coffee to the passing parents?