The amazing, all knowing school board

I’m finding it harder and harder to bite my tongue these days when it comes to our kids’ school and the stupidity that seems to come from them lately.

Two weeks ago my son got in trouble for the 2 chocolate easter eggs we put in his lunch. Actually, they were brought home from school and not eaten so we left them in his lunch bag as a treat. He was lectured by his teacher in front of his class on healthy eating and how the school is very much involved in “Ecole en Santé” (healthy schools). Happy Easter there Teach. Bully any kids lately?

My wife, not to be outdone, and in ever protective mommy mode, decided to arm my son the next day with some important debate material. For years we’ve been sending the kids to school with granola bars, peanut free of course, and never got any complaints. My wife downloaded nutrition facts on 2 chocolate easter eggs and packed them back in his lunch bag along with the nutrition facts of the granola bar.

My son came home that night with a big smile, and said he didn’t have any comments about his lunch and/or snacks from his teacher that day.

Sometimes you just have to educate the educators I guess.

And then today happens.

My son comes home with a permission slip for me to sign for an off property class trip. No problem. Sign away I think. But wait, what the fuck is this? The class trip is to Science North. Great destination for these kids. The school is paying for the cost of admission but is asking for $5.00 per child to cover the cost of renting school buses.  Now believe me when I say that the 5 bucks is not the problem here. That’s a cheap excursion, and to a great place. The problem is that the school is kiddy corner to fucken Science North. It would take the class less than 15 minutes to walk there. I give 15 minutes because lord knows the kids would have to slow the fuck down to wait for the teachers. You can literally walk there in less time than it would take to load the kids on the bus. There is probably a distance of about 30 school buses from point A to point B. Ridiculous!

I ask you,

Is that the proper promotion of “Ecole en Santé”?