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Rejoice ! It’s me !!!

So apparently I have opinions on just about everything. Some serious, but most are just a fun way to get people’s panties in a knot.

I’ve been asked to put my thoughts in a blog. It’s not an easy thing to say yes to. Not everyone needs to hear my thoughts and/or opinions, and I don’t need everyone to know them either.

They are what they are. If you like it…great. If not…why are you still here? If you’d like to challenge me…that’s cool too. Get nasty and I’ll make you look stupid and block you. Well probably not. I’d more likely keep you around, like a pet.

Not much for drama but I do love to stir the pot.

Voice your opinions. I know I’ll voice mine.

Keep it funny. Will let you laugh at me often enough. The stuff I do and say gets me in trouble quite a bit, although I’m surprised by some of the shit I get away with.


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